Pro-Poor, Pro-Health and Pro-Culture

Campaign and Social Enterprise initiated and owned by South African innovations company, Uthango Social Investments

The 'vuvuzela' is now synonymous with the FIFA Soccer World Cup™ in South Africa in June/July 2010. Beautiful designs are surfacing, and its sound is considered part of the South African soccer vibe, so we chose this name for our earplugs. 

So, when you attend noisy and crowded events, unPLUG our African vuvuzela with our hearing protection and noise reducing earplugs. Research shows you need earplugs to prevent possible permanent noise-induced hearing damage caused by vuvuzelas.

By choosing our Vuvuzela unPlugged earplugs, you will supporting  a  health-related social enterprise of Uthango Social Investments that aims to advocate for hearing protection and also create jobs in South Africa. At the same time, proceeds contribute to the development agency's work in Africa. It's a good plan.

Produced locally in Cape Town, South Africa  and assembled by 120 people living with varied disabilities via our supplier, your company directly aid the local economy and a good cause. Uthango decided to work closely with vuvuzela businesses, to amplify the advocacy for hearing protection and encourage socially responsible business practices.

The sheer collective and excessive NOISE of this wonderful South African instrument at festive events attended by thousands of fans in our stadiums concern us.

Our earplugs REDUCE the noise without killing it entirely. It has a NRR (Noise Reduction Rate) of 28 and fractures sound waves to reduce the pressure of the ear drum. This protection is very important due to the damage that one vuvuzela could cause to hearing (let alone thousands!). The Hear the World Initiative recently conducted scientific research about the noise of vuvuzelas. In addition, the University of Pretoria also published research findings on noise levels: see document below:

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We appreciate any donations to our company: Support Uthango Social Investments in South Africa with the click of a button via PayPal below. Proceeds of earplugs sales contribute to social innovation (R&D) and some of our operational costs (excl. salaries):